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ClogCon 2018 - info and costs
You may have seen a few promos to attend ClogCon in 2018 (http://clogcon.com/). If you haven't been to this con before, you might be worried about costs and value. Here's a bit of my personal expenses so you can get an idea.

Flight Heathrow to Amsterdam return: £136
Transfer from airport to hotel: Free
3 nights hotel stay including breakfast (2 people sharing): £175
3 day weekend ticket including lunch: £68
3 dinners outside the hotel: £30

Total before beers: £409 = €453

I hope you can see that is remarkable value for 3 full days of gaming in either Warmachine/Hordes, Guild Ball, Judgement, or Blood Bowl. The organisers are seasoned veterans having started this con in 2013 and I've been to every one in support of the American-style gaming convention here in Europe. The hotel it's held in allows you to sleep right above the gaming hall so it's super convenient to play. And the hotel's breakfast and lunch buffets are truly remarkable. You'll feel like you are at a wedding with the high level of variety and quality.

Interested? Then register here: http://www.clogcon.com/registration/

And hurry to reserve your rooms because the reduced convention rate ends on Thursday. You don't have to pay up front to reserve the rooms, so even if you are remotely interested, reserve the rooms now and then just cancel later if you have to. Hope to see you there!

WTC Committee