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WHITE SQUALL II Giżycko Poland 24 - 25.05.2014
I would like to cordially invite organized by "MKGB North Boundaries"

tournament "WHITE SQUALL II"

Place: Club of garrison Giżycko, ul. Mazury 4
http://www.biznesfinder.pl/Gizycko_Klub ... 20814.html
Dates: 24,25.05.2014
Format: 2400 + 700 (see composition of the army)
Battle: 5 x battleline
Entry: 15 zł
Cattering: tasty as usual
Awards: Top 3 and a consolation prize for last place
Judge: will
Tables: 72x48, areas along the contour

Overnight: proposed in a youth hostel in the fortress Boyen - cost 25 PLN for the first night, $ 20 for second


8.00-8.45 records
8.45-12.00 - one battle battleline
12.00-12.30 - Lunch break
12.30-15.45 - 2 battle battleline
15.45-19.00 - 3 battle battleline

8.45-12.00 - 4 battle battleline
12.00-15.15 - 5 battle battleline
15.25 Announcement of results and cleaning

Applications: application containing your name, League ID (if you have one) and Schedule in html format (ONLY!)
Please send rudobrody79@wp.pl (note! change your email address!)
For submitting the correct roster within the g.23.59 05/17/2014 - 4p for the general classification
For submitting the correct roster within the g.23.59 20/05/2014 - 2p

V. Simple Line of Sight
All units and terrain pieces are divided into the following three categories.
- Blocking: Hills, Buildings and impassable terrain.
These block Line of Sight, even to other blocking terrain (You can't see through it).
- Non-Blocking: Rivers, marches and swarms.
Does not block Line of Sight (You can see through them/it).
- Interfering: All other terrain and units.
Does not block Line of Sight (You can see through them/it).

- If you shoot through interfering units or terrain there is a -2 to hit penalty, only -1 for woods (never
- If shooting at a large target, units in buildings or on hills there are no to hit modifiers for interfering
or non-blocking terrain or units, unless it is an interfering wood.
- When such a unit is doing the shooting there are no to hit penalties for interfering or non-blocking
units or terrain, other than interfering woods.

Victory points to Battle points per game:

0-200 Victory-Points difference - 10-10
201-400 - 11-9
401-600 - 12-8
601-800 - 13-7
801-1000 - 14-6
1001-1200 – 15-5
1201-1400 – 16-4
1401-1600- 17-3
1601-1800- 18-2
2001+ - 20/0


We play on the public roster, each player before the battle must provide Schedule for inspection opponent.
- The referee is always right
- Proxy within the limits of decency, each prox must be of a size corresponding to the figurine which replaces
- The tournament is one of the National League Ranking
- 8 grams of course, ED, and all current Army manuals
- We play the newest Name: Company magistrates, errata and faq.

- Army General and BSB 100 points, the general of contingent - 50p
- For other standards 25 points
- For killing a champion in a duel hero 50 points

Other rules:

# 1 In the case of an odd number of players, the first gre pauses one of the organizers, then the person with the lowest output point.
For paused player receives 13 DP and the corresponding value of MP. no one can pause more than once.

# 2 There is no requirement to play painted army during the tournament will take place, however, assess hobby at following criteria:

Assessed only HOMEPAGE armies, contingent - NO

Quality paint rated entity without proxying (if you have a proxy get up 1p)
1 - 50% of the models painted by properly imposed 3/4 colors
2 - 100% of the models painted by properly imposed 3/4 colors

Supports models and branches
1 - 50% of the models have modeled the stand
2 - 100% of the models have modeled the stand

Stands branches
1 - 50% of the branches have modeled trays
2 - 100% of branches has modeled trays

Consistency army

0 - a jumble of models with different armies, lack of consistency, PROXY
1 - more than 50% cohesive army, PROX at less than 25% of branches
2 - cohesive army, although there are individual models projecting style from the rest of the army, PROX less than 25% of branches
3 - cohesive army, without Proxes
( explanation : prox is another model.ty you need to have it on the required, the same base as the original model. )

war machines
1-2 war machines without bases - 1p penalty
3 and more war machines without bases - 2p penalty

#3 EURO 2014 DRAFT on the day 10.05.2014

COMPOSITION OF contingent (700 pkt)

Each player playing army in the composition of the euro, with an additional contingent 700pkt special rules.

700 pkt contingent is subject to plain restrictions percent, but do not use the Lords and bsb. you can not use the special heroes registered
contingent must have at least one character who will be the general's for this contingent
contingent must have a unit consisting of at least 10 infantry models
contingent along with the essential army can not exceed the limitations of the euro regarding magic, limited units 0-1, Magic Items, etc.
lv magic number for contingent can not exceed 2 each boundspell-object counts as 1, each model featuring built-in prayer and boundspelle counts as 1
contingent of the army forces of evil can come from any other or the same bad army. Armies and quotas SKV and ED do not worsen alliance rules are always suspicious
contingent of the army of good can come from any other good or the same good army
contingent of the army neutral (OK, TK) can come from any good or neutral army
in contingent you can not have double special units and double your rare units
if contingent is issued with their own a long edge of the table, unit of infantry is entitled to additional free traffic 8 "in front of other movements that turn (like Vanguard)
if the unit has its own rules for issuing (for example scout or ambushers) is the overarching principles are the principles of contingent
TK, EC, OG, BOC, BRE: if it is a basic army goes to extra points from ETC 2014 WHF AR draft 3.5 . If you are the forces contingent is still only 700pkt
BOC - army for euro have 2700 and units in contingent built with units BOC have 788p
WE - army for euro have 2500 and units in contingent have built with units WE have 730p

the army and the forces of contingent does not create rules grand army
contingent on the turn when it appears on the table can be pushed out of the spell or special rules but can not charge even if the principle of special / spell description says otherwise
contingent has its general, Hierophant, etc. contingent Bretonn has no additional bsb

limitations and restrictions of the contingent units 700p :
doch - contingent may contain units of only one deity (for example mono Slaanesh), max 3 beasts of Nurgle
rules of table reign of chaos:
* Where the doch is an army major - 2400p, the rules apply to all enemy units and the units own army,
* When on the battlefield doch army is only contingent 700p, the rules of table reign of chaos does not apply

ong - max 6 trolls, magler / fanatics - max 3
tk - Prince can be both general and Hierophant.
emp - max 10 models of asv 1 + (each demigryph counts as 3)
vc - max 6 vargheist, max 6 crypt horrors, tomb banshee is prohibited
ok - max 3 murfangs, max 4 Maneaters
he - Banner of the World Dragon is prohibited
de - max 5 models warlocks
woc - trolls max 6 models

#4 ETC FAQ 2014 WiP Polish Rules

#5 some FAQs for these quotas ( contingents )

Q: I set a quota in the corner. Can I put part of the army of the lateral edge of a part of a long ?
A: No. the quota needs to be exposed on one edge. If for a given entity has no place counts as destroyed. opponent receives points.

Q: I placed the machine from the quota. can It shoot in the same turn?
A: No. It counts as a package elaboration according to the rules meals.

Q: Does the unit shooting what counts is the package elaboration?
A: Yes

Q: In what way exactly is exposed to contingent? When is the projection on the auxiliary unit?
A: Throw performed in the early rounds, before tests psychology, batches, etc.
general quota is listing as the first (along with the branch, if such is the will of the player). then another unit of not more than 12 "on the model of General. Most models of the unit must be in-range 12", then the issue is legal.

Q: Are the rules the global race quota effect on the gameplay?
A: No. Such things as additional forest for the WE, table RoC for DOC, The Blessing of the Lady BRE, do not apply by reason of his quota. Global Rules shall only count the army core.

Q: Do I get extra points if I will raise an army of TK on the euro and build a contingent of TK?
A: Yes. 788P exactly according to today's EURO.

Q: Do I get extra points for EC quota if I take an army of TK for the euro?
A: No

Q: Do I get extra points for quota Boch, if I take an army Woche for the euro?
A: No

Information from the hostel Boyen:
There are 32 places available
Hi, I wrote this post for our friend from Giżycko: Rudobrody who organised the last edition of White Squall. From Eastern Front there will come at least 4 players soo we hope to meet you on Giżycko again.