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DnD/DH RPG recruiting.
3 game masteriai iesko zaideju
2 Dark Heresy zaidimai ir vienas DnD.

Ravia desert and sauna resort (Dark Heresy) skype: rykenn

Have you ever wanted to experience the scorching sun of the arabian desert? Have you ever wondered what the insides of the fabled Sand worms are like? Have all the other vacation resorts failed to meet your expectations of poor service, lousy food and diseased neighbours? Then Ravia is for you my friend. Call 1-800-2DAMNHOT for more information.
Campaignas jau ilga laika trunka ir pora zaideju isejo del laiko stokos. Reikia 2 motherfuckeriu, kuriems nebaisu nukapot ranka, kad zmonija miegotu ramiai dar 1 nakti. Jusu team-mates bus 1 half-crazy assassin kuri mind rapino deamonic entity for 2 game sessions ir arbitrator kuris nores jusu mirtes, FUN!

Shaith, multiple experiences (Dark Heresy) skype: saradominas

Sectors one through five are the best locations on planet Shaith for you and your friends to relax, have fun or even enjoy the night life. Shaith offers you segregated sectors where every one is custom-tailored for your enjoyment and payment availability. Want to feel like a king among royalty? Then sector one welcomes you with open gates. Caviar and Anthest not to your liking? No problem, sectors three to five will accommodate you and provide a variety of entertainment possibilities. Had a tough run financially but still want to experience Shaith? Sectors 11 and 12 are our most affordable options. There you can find like minded people to share delicious Funghi beer with and talk about how the man is putting you down.
Whatever your situation, Shaith has it all! As long as you don't leave your sector. SERIOUSLY, Don't go beyond the walls.
Same as above, tik kitas GM. Jusu team-mates bus space viking monk psyker su bipedal disorder ir assassin, that was trained to be a heretic from 5 years old. FUN!

DnD skype: duonix

You go to dungeons and kill dragons and shit.
Shit's awesome. What's more to say. Campaign hasn't started yet, so no details.
Zmogus ideda dachuja pastangu i planavima ir plot, tai bus zjbs.
Su jumis zais shapeshifting druida vardu "not-radagast" ir skeptiskas arabian warlord, tad reik dar 2 zmoniu su keistibemis.

skype:rykenn jei yra daugiau klausimu
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Man patinka "shit's awesome', 'dachuja pastangu" ir "bus zjbs" dalis. Kiti irgi patinka, bet šitas labiausiai. O ir šiaip DnD nostalgiją kelia..

Jei žaidimuose naudosit miniatiūras, galiu parekomenduoti, kas visai nieko nebrangius konvertus daro.
deja, bet mes zadam per skype zaist, su retais meetais in "real-space"
I saw, I conquered, I came
Del minies, DnD gm'as gal naudos roll20
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I saw, I conquered, I came

Quote by velnionestasirpamestas
Jei žaidimuose naudosit miniatiūras, galiu parekomenduoti, kas visai nieko nebrangius konvertus daro.

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