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As esu Jgor, is italijos, as buvo is D6 ketvirtadienis

and if it's not a problem i'll write in english, i don't want to ruin your beautifull(and difficult) language.

Nice to meet you!

p.s. i play 40k in Italy, army=> space marines :DB)
Welcome, brother

Are you going to stay here for a long time or just came over temporarily? And how often are you going to come over to the store for gaming?

P.S. It's fine with me if you write in English, hopefully others as well.
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i'll stay here till june, and i'll show up quite often at the d6!
this forum became international B) Nice
It's quite nice to see people from other countrys, and someone who plays Warhammer too.I hope I'l get a battle with you some day